Forty-one things that make Americans crazy with fury: a sort of quiz

white-houseLike many of my brothers and sisters on Facebook I have been following the clusterf**k in Washington with sick fascination for the last month. Everybody is mad, everybody’s appalled, everybody wishes that one way or another it would all go away.

Not all of what people are upset about appears to me to be important. Maybe we’re not agreed about what is important. So here’s a quiz for you. Rate each of these maddening items from zero to five in order of cosmic importance, rather than how mad it makes you, look at them real hard, and go over them again after thinking about it. I would have set this up as a quiz with check boxes and everything but this is beyond my technical expertise at this time.

  1. President Trump’s physical appearance
  2. Mobilizing the National Guard to round up residents of the United States and deport them
  3. False news stories
  4. True news stories
  5. President Trump’s sexual practices
  6. People’s skin color
  7. Women’s issues: birth control, abortion, healthcare in pregnancy, pay inequality
  8. Men’s issues: rape culture, keeping the women in their place
  9. Raising the minimum wage (or not)
  10. Bruising (or stroking) President Trump’s ego
  11. Inability to buy a particular brand of Chinese-made clothing at Nordstrom
  12. Climate change
  13. President Trump’s handshake
  14. The removal of data from government websites: scientific data, advice for parents of special-needs children, and other items that scientists and citizens have found useful
  15. Pursuing (or avoiding) nuclear war with China
  16. Russian agents in the White House
  17. Embracing Russia as an ally and/or superior on the world stage
  18. Welcoming (or spurning) refugees from the wars in the Middle East
  19. Staying (or getting) out of war generally
  20. Upholding the Constitution of the United States of America and the principle of separation of powers
  21. Maintaining the separation of church and state
  22. Making a place for Christ in all the public schools
  23. Making a place for science in all the public schools
  24. Making a place for public schools
  25. Building adequate pipelines for gas and oil
  26. Protecting the purity of our water
  27. Protecting the purity of our air
  28. Respecting our Indigenous brothers and sisters
  29. Maintaining a healthy revenue stream to the fossil fuel industry
  30. Repairing crumbling roads, dams, and other infrastructure throughout the country
  31. Adequately funding federal government services
  32. Reining in the federal deficit
  33. Insuring adequate, affordable healthcare for all Americans
  34. Ensuring that the NSA is under the control of men with correct political attitudes
  35. Keeping (or selling off) our public lands and parks
  36. Protecting endangered animals
  37. Exterminating dangerous animals, such as wolf pups on public lands
  38. Mass extinction
  39. Protecting free speech
  40. Maintaining public order
  41. Ensuring the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity