Movies in the Bookmarks

Margaretta-Scott-and-James-Mason-and-Barry-K-BarnesAugust being  slow month in the writing game, and life in general being at a lull right about now, I thought I’d improve the time this morning by going through the hundreds of old bookmarks in my browser (Safari), seeing which of them were still worthwhile, removing duplicates, and sorting them so that I could find them when I needed them.

An amazing exercise. I started collecting these bookmarks two computers ago. Many of the pages they point to are out of date, and some of the links are dead. Why I saved a link to some of these pages is no longer clear to me at all. But there were a few nuggets of pure gold. I bookmarked the Internet Archive at some point, though I kept forgetting to go back to it. They have everything. You want to check it out, expand your mind, entertain yourself. Movies! Yow!

Here is the link to Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel, made in 1937. It has everything you want in a Pimpernel flick except for Leslie Howard. Produced by Alexander Korda and Arnold Pressburger, it even has James Mason in it, playing a small but passionate part. I recommend settling down to watch it on one of these hot afternoons, in front of a fan, with a cold glass of lemonade in your hand (or a gin and tonic if that be the tipple of your choice).


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