The Book is Finished


On Saturday I came home from our usual tasty breakfast at Sneddon’s, sat down at the computer, and continued my second pass through the first draft of the new book. Before the day was over I was astonished to see that I had finished it.

So the book is done, the strange spy story that takes place at the outset of World War I. FIREBOMB, it’s called. Now that it’s finished I can describe it briefly: it’s about a sabotage ring that operated out of New York City in the early days of the war, and the seventeen-year-old unemployed movie stunt girl who destroyed their network.

I’m happy to report that I like it, although it isn’t as long as I had hoped to make it. Thrillers should be doorstops, they tell me. This one could probably be read in one sitting, if you’re particularly riveted and are a fast reader. I have to send it around to a few beta readers, make a few changes, find an agent, and then find a publisher, all of which will take some time and probably be boring. So now I’ll stop bending your ear about the book and find something else to blog about. Cooking recipes, maybe, or ladies’ fashions. Anything but politics.

Watch this space.


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